The Blessing Of The Lord Makes One Rich, And He Adds No Sorrow With It

Proverbs 10:22

If God were to give you a gift, what aspects would it have? Or how can we know that something really comes from Him? The answer is in this proverb. The blessings that come from God have a certain completeness about them and always bring us peace and contentment. Not that everything about them will go perfectly well but if we look back after a while we will say, that has been good for me.


Ladies, have you ever bought an outfit, jewellery, or household item that you were excited about but a few days later regretted getting it? And gentlemen, ever got a car, electronic device or even property that made you rue the day you acquired it? We have all had similar  experiences and if we are honest we would admit that we probably did not consult God prior to getting whatever it was that brought us frustration.

Solomon, the author of this proverb experienced God’s blessing in every aspect of life. He was wise, he had good health, was wealthy and lived in peace (free from war) throughout his reign. The question then is, are God’s blessings permanently fulfilling no matter what? The simple answer is no. Because we ourselves can add sorrow to what God has given us – if we cease following His guidance. In the latter years of his life, Solomon stopped being faithful to God and he experienced a lack of peace and a sense of emptiness.

Everything that God had given him all of a sudden seemed worthless and brought him no joy. Likewise if we lose sight of God then his blessings will start to feel hollow. And believe it or not that in itself is a blessing, because it will lead us back to Him, so that we can have the contentment again.

The blessing of God makes us rich beyond the material, it gives us true satisfaction. So if you are waiting on God for something be sure it will come with its peace and completeness. And when you do receive from God keep it that way.

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