Christmas In Bethlehem (Read An Excerpt)

Christmas In Bethlehem BookThe Christmas Story is timeless. Every December there are plays staged, musical extravaganzas, films shown and yes books published about the nativity of Christ. It is indeed a story worth retelling because of its ecclesiastical significance and the fact that it changed the course of history.

The Books of Luke and Mathew provide great narratives of this ancient event but because they are separate, we may not get a unified sense of what happened. In this book, I draw from these accounts and put the information they give us together. Added to that, I include details derived from further research, an analysis of the two Gospels and information from relevant parts of Scripture. The result is a combined narrative that remains consistent with the original accounts but gives a fresh perspective. When you read this book, you will get a renewed appreciation of the Christmas story and I am sure it will bless you.

Christmas In Bethlehem Excerpt

Elisabeth gave Mary what to eat and drink as she asked about her well-being. She told her about Zechariah; how he had seen a vision in the temple and was now unable to hear or speak. Elisabeth also spoke about the angel’s promise of her conception and how it was fulfilled. Mary on her part gave Elisabeth the details of her own experience and they both rejoiced at the kindness that God had shown them. After a three-months stay at the house, Mary returned to her own home.

The time came for Elisabeth to give birth, and the long awaited child was soon in the arms of his ecstatic mother. It was a special day for both Zechariah and his wife. After many years of hoping and praying, they finally had a son. This baby was born against all odds; everyone considered them past the age of child bearing. Elisabeth could now be called a mother and the reproach of being barren was no more. God had openly demonstrated his love towards her. As for Zechariah, he now had someone he could call ‘son’ and a successor to his name.

The neighbours with time heard about Elisabeth and so did her relatives. They came from various places to rejoice with her. In their words, God had shown her “great kindness.” Zechariah remembered the angel had said “many will rejoice at his birth.”[1]

Amidst all the joy, there was one thing that was still not right: the priest remained deaf and dumb. Seven days had already passed since the baby was born and nothing changed. Zechariah and Elisabeth were concerned, but considering all they had experienced, they chose not to worry but trust God.

[1] Luke 1:14 (ESV)

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