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If there’s a story in the Bible that illustrates how God can work through challenging circumstances, and life’s most painful experiences to beautifully fulfill a dream or vision, then it has to be the story of Joseph. The young man, only seventeen, starts out being sold as a slave and ends up second-in-command of all ancient Egypt.

It is easy for us to breeze through the Biblical narrative and not really think about what Joseph must have gone through. We may also take for granted the way God promoted him because we do not think about life in the context of that time.

Through the years you might have read or learned about the fascinating lives of some individuals in the Old Testament. Who has not heard of Adam, Noah, David or Solomon? You could tell me something you know about each of these people. Noah built the ark, David killed Goliath and so forth. The focus of this book however, is on the ones you may not know. The ones you could have missed but are fascinating nevertheless.


What do you dream of doing? That exciting yet noble thing that will give your life more exuberance and value. That thing you could do and not feel like it was a burden. Something you could be proud of many years from now. It would give you a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. What is that special life adventure called? It is called a God-given dream…