Three Wishes For Christmas

Christmas gifts

Imagine an angel appears at your house and grants you three requests for Christmas. How would you feel about it? Excited? Relieved? Overwhelmed with joy? For most of us it will be more like all of the above. As Christmas approaches, we have all sorts of wants and needs. As much as it is a time for rejoicing and celebration, some people may feel lonely, left out, unloved or depressed. The season can highlight what is missing from our lives which may sour it for us. But there is good news, very good news. Before I reveal the news, I want to first tell you a story.

There was a great king who ruled with the utmost kindness and love. He planted gardens for the inhabitants of his kingdom so that they would always have enough. They looked after the gardens and spent time with their beloved king. Whenever he spoke, it was to teach them wisdom and express his love. He urged them to always remember the words he said so that all would be well with them.

One day, a ruler from another kingdom approached their land. He was finely dressed and spoke elegantly. He told the citizens about his land, he said it was more magnificent than theirs. He described fruits that had better taste than those they knew, beautiful hills and clear rivers. He invited them to visit and see for themselves. There was one condition though: they would have to disregard all their king had taught them. After a little consideration, they decided to go for the visit.

When they reached the kingdom it was uglier than anything they had ever seen. There were no beautiful hills, no good fruit and no rivers. The land was a wilderness. The ruler who brought them enslaved them. They remembered their king and beautiful land, and were devastated.

The great king heard about his people. Although he was disappointed that they did not listen to him, he still loved them. He wanted his citizens to be with him again; to have the abundance they used to have and receive more of his wisdom. He loved them so much that he decided to enter the desolate kingdom himself.

The cruel ruler would be expecting him so he went discreetly. He would arrive humbly but his servants would quietly announce to the people that their king had come. When he established himself, he would take full authority and the wilderness would become green while the evil ruler would be expelled. The king was with his citizens again, he told them to ask for whatever they needed and he would provide. He could even put rivers in the wilderness. Anything they required they just had to ask.

Sadly, some of them kept trying to help themselves. Others were not too sure whether their king had forgiven them, maybe he hadn’t forgotten how they abandoned the kingdom. A few asked for help and whatever they needed came their way. The great king longed for all his people to trust him so that he could help them. If only they listened then all would be well again.

Jesus is the great King. He came down to earth on Christmas day to be among us. His purpose was to restore what we lost through sin. The angels announced the glorious news of his birth, “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men” (Luke 2:14). There was rejoicing because Christ came to show us a better way to live. In the midst of all challenges, he would teach us that if we have faith in him, we can overcome anything. And there’s the good news, you already have three Christmas wishes. Matter of fact, you have more than three—as many as you may ask. “As many things as you may ask in prayer, believing, you shall receive” (Mathew 21:22).

We do not need to wish that our lives were better; we can trust God to do that for us. The only thing he asks is that we have faith. Trusting him means you start in faith, stay in faith and receive the answer in faith. We should not waver—that is the most common cause of unfruitful prayer.