Brighter Days

Brighter Days

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For anyone in the midst of a life storm: if you are hurting, dejected, losing hope or suffering in any way, know that your life can get much better. This book was written especially for you.

We all go through storms in life. More often than not they arrive without notice and catch us completely off-guard. We can go from one ordinary day to our world flipped upside down within minutes. Other times, it may not be so sudden but after a while, we look at our lives and wonder how we went from such a good life to so much misery. We may have different ways of dealing with life’s challenges but the Word of God gives an effective approach to take when faced with adversity.

God knew that we would have challenges in life so he put the advice there ahead of time. In this book, you and I take a journey through the lives of Joseph, Job, Ruth and Jesus.

For every one of them there is a different kind of challenge but in the end, their lives are restored and they have joy again. What started out as hardship or tragedy ends beautifully. So, how did God help them? Why was God’s favor on them? How come it got better for them? What did they do right? These are questions I answer in the book. The answers are important for you because they will help you understand how God works in adversity. They will give you real hope for your situation and set you on the path to experience brighter days.