Joseph Of Egypt Book: Read Free Excerpt

I recently released Joseph Of Egypt and I want to give everyone an opportunity to get a taste of the book. Below is an excerpt, if you like what you read, you can purchase it here on Amazon. The book will be at a discounted rate for some days.

Excerpt from Joseph Of Egypt

The following morning, the caravan resumed its journey. The sun soon came up and they were in the heat again. Joseph braced himself for another severe day. After they had traveled for a few hours, he looked ahead and saw something peculiar: not too far from the barren desert, was land that was astonishingly green. He could also see some tall structures further ahead. Almost as soon as he sighted the land, the merchants started talking spiritedly among themselves. They were excited and Joseph knew their journey was ending.

Although he was certainly not as pleased as the merchants, he was relieved. At that time, all he wanted was to get out of the desert. He was still feeling the pain of the ropes on his wrists and hoped to be rid of them once they arrived. As the camel train came closer to the green land, Joseph saw a great river winding through it. In some areas, he could see vast papyrus surrounding the water while other parts had cultivated land.

As they moved on, a group of Egyptian men of war came into view. They stood there—their chariots besides them—and examined all the people who entered Egypt. They questioned the merchant leader routinely and allowed them to continue. The caravan moved parallel to the river and as Joseph looked farther ahead, he saw a convergence of what looked like other merchants with their wares, beasts of burden and several men with white garments wrapped around their waists.

There were a few in the familiar Canaanite dress and others with animal skins for their clothing. Another group wore long elaborate robes that reached their ankles. Some prospective buyers negotiated with tradesmen. The place had a vast assortment of merchandise including balm, incense, spices, livestock, wild beasts, rich garments and precious stones. Joseph saw peoples he had never seen before. Most of them had interpreters with them.

The Ishmaelites moved their camels under a shade of nearby palm trees to get away from the sunshine. They reached for their skins and quenched their burning thirst. They had barely started drinking when an Egyptian nobleman came walking towards them.

The man reached them and offered his greetings, the merchants responded respectfully. He was a tall strong-looking Egyptian with a coppery complexion. He was not young and he was not old. He wore an immaculate head cloth patterned with stripes. Round his neck was an elaborate collar of small colorful beads. Like the men of war Joseph had seen earlier, he wore a thick cloth around his waist but nothing to cover his chest. Overlaying the cloth on his waist was another garment of fine translucent linen that went up to his shins. He had cattle hide sandals under his feet and on either wrist was a band of gold. The nobleman spoke to the merchants about the journey, and after they had talked a while, they looked in Joseph’s direction. They walked towards where he was standing and the merchant leader set him in front of the prospective buyer.

The Egyptian examined Joseph in the way a prudent buyer scrutinize a merchant’s goods. He held both shoulders and tried to gauge the slave’s strength. Joseph beheld the gaze of another Egyptian with painted eyes. The nobleman seemed satisfied and opened the pouch he carried at his side. He counted out several pieces of silver and paid the beaming merchant leader. It was significantly more than the twenty pieces Joseph’s brothers had received. The merchant leader thanked the Egyptian heartily.